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Do taxpayers want to replace their state auditor with someone who defends millionaires who improperly used tax dollars intended for children?


Do taxpayers want to replace their state auditor with someone who oversaw hundreds of thousands of tax dollars stolen from children?

Do taxpayers want their state auditor removed by millionaires whose improper use of tax dollars the auditor exposed?

The Opponent Who Oversaw and Defends the Misuse of Tax Dollars

In his first introduction to voters, in a press release to the media,

... Cindy's OPPONENT criticized her for being "so focused on" the misuse of millions of tax dollars by Epic Public Schools' founders.

Maybe that partly is why...

Her OPPONENT oversaw Tulsa Public Schools' equipment and supplies for 23 years.

In just six years, $300,000 of it was stolen.

That would equate to more than $1 million in 23 years.

In response, he told the citizens who paid for it, "I couldn't tell you how it happens."

Maybe that partly is why...

In his first press release to the media, her OPPONENT criticized her for not doubling taxpayers' costs by auditing the state Department of Tourism's contract with Swadley's while the Legislature had been auditing it for eight months.

The Smear Campaign by Audited Millionaires

Cindy's office audited Epic Charter Schools upon order of the governor.

The audit revealed that the public schools' founders made $68 million as personal profit... in just six years... from taxpayer money.

At least one of the founders and their supporters now are funding a smear campaign against her.

... That's after they smeared a state senator who called out their corruption and helped ensure that he lost re-election.

Cindy's OPPONENT -- who was accompanied by a relative of one of the schools' founders when he filed to run for state auditor -- is benefiting exclusively from secretive political action committees that are spending nearly a million dollars to remove her from office.

Cindy's OPPONENT, who is not a CPA, says that he knows nothing about the dark-money political action committees that have poured a million dollars into defeating her:  "I have no idea. I didn't even know I was getting any ads anywhere. I haven't been doing anything."

Cindy's OPPONENT, who declared bankruptcy two years ago, is a strawman for the people whose misdeeds she exposed. Their smear campaign is revenge because she revealed their improper use of tax dollars to the taxpayers.

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