Cindy Byrd, CPA
By The Numbers

Just a few examples of what Cindy Byrd and her team uncovered in just four years at just the state level of government:


$1.6 billion in questionable Medicaid expenditures

They performed a first-of-its-kind-in-the-nation audit of Medicaid expenditures, investigating and exposing weaknesses in the healthcare agency that administers the Medicaid program.  They reported that approximately 35% of expenditures made during FY2019 were paid on behalf of thousands of individuals whose incomes were never verified to determine that they were eligible for benefits.  Applying the 35% error rate to the State’s FY2019 Medicaid expenditures of $5 billion resulted in $1.6 billion in questioned expenditures.

$200 million in misappropriated public-education funds
They exposed, among others, the largest amount of misappropriated funds in the history of the state when the governor’s requested audit of the largest public school resulted in more than $200 million in questioned expenditures that were siphoned out of the school’s general fund and placed into private accounts.  It is estimated that millions of taxpayer funds dedicated to Oklahoma students’ educations were inappropriately diverted to enrich two businessmen who created a complex scheme with a public charter school funded with tax dollars.  Some of these funds dedicated for student learning were traced to their business accounts in California.


$5.4 million in improper COVID-19 expenditures
They investigated the expenditure of COVID funds through the State Department of Health and revealed that $5.4 million was spend on purchases of personal protective equipment that were never received by the State.  They also revealed weaknesses in processes and potential violations of the state Constitution during their audit of spending during the pandemic, when fraud was rampant across the nation.

"There's no such thing as 'government-funded'.
It's 'taxpayer-funded'.

The government belongs to the taxpayers.

Those who use taxpayer money are accountable to the taxpayers."

In addition, Cindy Byrd and her teams have uncovered corruption, fraud, abuse, and waste at the local levels of government, which has resulted in the removal of some officials from office, and have revamped local-government reporting for more-transparent information.

Additionally, Cindy Byrd promised to build relationships with the taxpayers' elected state legislators so that they would be kept fully informed of problems and issues brought to light from audits.  Through Byrd's communications with legislators, meaningful legislation has been passed that will increase transparency and accountability of taxpayer dollars.