Cindy Byrd:
Working for the taxpayers... no matter the political cost.

Former school employee charged with felony embezzlement following audit

Audited charter schools ordered to pay $500k after suing elected official criticized during re-election campaign

Officials face embezzlement and conspiracy charges following audit

Auditor: State agency misspent millions and violated state laws

Auditor releases report that others tried to keep confidential

Auditor spotlights town ex-official's financial misdeeds

Auditor: School's mismanagement largest abuse of taxpayer funds in history

Audited charter schools agree to return $20 million to state

Auditor: School superintendent misused taxpayer dollars

Auditor says town violated purchasing laws

Auditor finds problems with COVID-19 relief-fund spending

Largest school cuts ties with founders following audit


Auditor: Mayor profited from purchases without council oversight

Schools' founder saw quest for financial information as threat to business

Grand jury releases report on audited charter schools

Charter schools settle after audit exposed misuse of taxpayer money

Elected official indicted for embezzlement and perjury following audit

Scathing audit of charter schools reveals numerous problems

Auditor: Medicaid agency failed to verify income eligibility

Auditor: Circuit engineering district violated several state laws

Auditor cites complaints against former state school official

City manager under investigation by OSBI after audit

Embezzlement charges filed against town official following audit

Auditor uncovers suspicious activity at state agency


Cindy Byrd with other state auditors who worked with her on a plan to audit Medicaid services across the country. Byrd led a first-of-its-kind audit in Oklahoma, revealing that approximately 37% of recipients did not have income eligibilities verified.