The Claims

Grady County officials' salaries

Grady County’s district attorney said it best:  "The County’s payroll error was not caused by a lack of oversight by the State Auditor’s Office. The annual audits of the County have specific parameters, and this issue was outside the scope of the Auditor’s Office’s directives."

The law does not allow the State Auditor’s Office to do comprehensive audits any time that it wants. Cindy's previous opponent, who had never done government audits and had not done any audits in 35 years, apparently did not understand what types of audits the Office does or can do. Ten years ago, all auditing standards changed as a result of the financial scandals at the time.

Campaign contributions


County officials have come to expect that Cindy will always tell them the truth, even if it is not what they would prefer to hear.  That helps them do their jobs, and most appreciate that.  As a result, many have endorsed her, and some -- particularly who serve in counties where her audits cleaned up corruption -- have contributed to her campaign, comprising only 1.5% of her contributions, though.


As one county commissioner put it:  "I've had the opportunity to see, first-hand, Cindy's professionalism and stewardship of taxpayer money.  Because of her dedication to serve our citizens and help us save tax dollars, I decided to support her candidacy.  I would do the same for any candidate that I believe would be an asset to my county."


As one county clerk put it:  "The only officers who may have an adversarial relationship with the auditor are those who choose to ignore statutes or guidelines."  That's exactly what happened with the six county officials who were criminally charged and/or removed from office as a result of audits that Cindy oversaw over the past few years.

If you're tired of incompetence and corruption in public office, vote for Cindy Byrd for State Auditor on November 6.

Cindy's previous opponent spent a considerable amount of money to spread distorted claims about her.

The claims are corrected here for voters' information.

The              Just Don't Add Up...