Cindy Byrd is at the forefront of ensuring that audits produce real results at the local, county, district, and state government levels.

“My team and I are dedicated to personnel-training for counties, district attorneys, emergency-medical services, school districts, etc., so that those government officials and employees are prepared and ready for their audits and annual financial statements and so that, most importantly, taxpayer funds are safeguarded.”

Cindy knows that good auditing requires not only thorough examinations of our government officials' work but also proactive measures to help them improve their future work.

“I've trained county officials and employees across our state on financial reporting to help them get in compliance with federal and state standards. I have become a resource on which they rely when serving us, the taxpayers, after we entrust them with our tax dollars.”

Cindy will reintroduce our elected officials to the State Auditor’s Office to help financially turn around our State.

“Taxpayers are tired of the never-ending state-budget problems. We will continue to be a resource for improving where state funds are allocated and how our tax dollars are being utilized. County officials see the value in the solutions the State Auditor’s Office can bring to them, and we can do the same for our state legislators.”

Cindy's dedication and solution-oriented mind-set will bridge relationships, balance books, and bring efficiency to state government.

“The Auditor’s Office is best qualified to analyze and offer solutions concerning our state government’s economy, efficiencies, and effectiveness. We can assist our legislators in being effective decision-makers in order to preserve the public trust and improve the efficient delivery of government services. We know cost savings, improvements, and implementation. I intend for the State Auditor’s Office to be utilized to its full capacity.”

Cindy has the experience and leadership that Oklahoma needs now.

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